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From: Nyima Sillah

On Tuesday, the radiology department of the small Edward Francis University Hospital (EFSTH) joined the rest of the world in observing the International Day of Radiology (IDOR), held at the premises of the hospital in Banjul.

This year, the celebration took place under the theme: Radiologist and radiographers at the service of patients.

In his statement, Prof. Atinuke M. Agunloye, HOD, PG Clinical Trainer and Consultant Radiologist, said: The celebration of IDOR aims to raise awareness of the value that radiology contributes to safe patient care by improving the understanding of the vital role of radiologists and radiologic technologists in the continuum of care.

She revealed that the PG training in radiology at EFSTH is well underway with a specialist trained in Ghana who will return to complete her fellowship training in January to become The Gambia’s first consultant radiologist.

Dr. MHD Ammar Aljafari, Consultant Radiologist and Chief Medical Director of EFSTH, acknowledged the importance of observing IDOR. Adding that “Radiology is the most important department in the hospital, the whole department depends on radiology. They can’t do any diagnosis, they can’t do any treatment without radiology,” he said.

He noted that all radiology equipment is very expensive and it is not easy to have them all at the same time. He therefore assured that before the end of the year, the digital radiography and radiology service will be the best service in all of The Gambia.

More so, Dr. Fatoumata Dibba, Deputy Director of Health Services, said the ministry recognizes the radiologist and the vital role they play in contributing significantly to ensuring patients have positive health outcomes. .

“It is in this regard that the ministry always encourages to ensure that the career development of radiographers and radiologists is not left behind. The ministry promises that it will continue to support the training of radiographers and radiologists.

She added that the ministry is also willing to provide all the necessary equipment for the radiologist and the radiographer so that they can do their job effectively.

Professor Adama Sallah explained how the treatment of radiology started at EFSTH and hopes that the department will soon reach a higher height and have a radiology department across the country.

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