Texas Tech QB Tyler Shough set to miss 3-6 weeks with injury, McGuire says


Texas Tech quarterback Tyler Shough is expected to miss three to six weeks with a collarbone injury he sustained in the Red Raiders’ 63-10 win Saturday night over Murray State, the report said Monday. coach Joey McGuire.

McGuire said after Saturday’s game, team medical staff were unable to determine, after an initial medical evaluation and X-ray, the extent of the injury and that it could be collarbone related. or the acromioclavicular (AC) joint.

“It’s more his collarbone,” McGuire said at his weekly Monday press conference, “but that’s where you’re talking about the collarbone and the AC joint that go together. Hopefully that’s is less than six (weeks), but I would probably say it takes between three and six weeks to get it back.”

Shough is scheduled to see Dr. Kevin Crawford, team physician and orthopedic surgeon, on Wednesday.

When asked if surgery was possible, McGuire replied: “Maybe, and that’s where (recovery) could go for up to six weeks if that’s the case.”

Tech has an open date after Game 6, so the Red Raiders don’t start the second half of their schedule until October 22.

Shough, tackled at the end of a 17-yard run in the first quarter, landed on his left shoulder, the same one he suffered a broken collarbone in last year’s Big 12 opener at Texas .

McGuire said on Monday: “It’s more like his collarbone. It’s not exactly where it was last year, and last year they didn’t do anything but let it heal. “

McGuire was hesitant to go into detail about the details of the injury.

“I’m not going to put any of our guys in a situation where they’re targeted every time they come back,” he said. “I know no coach in America will ever say they are, but it’s our job to hit quarters. We’re going to try to hit quarters and they’re going to try to hit our quarters. So I want to do I I’m sure I’m protecting these guys.”

Shough’s unavailability means second Donovan Smith returns to the starting job he had in the final four games of the 2021 season when he led Tech to shock wins over Iowa State and Mississippi State, winning the Liberty Bowl Most Valuable Player award in the latter.

Smith went for six series after entering Saturday’s game, completing 14 of 16 passes for 221 yards and four touchdowns. Offensive coordinator Zach Kittley said Smith didn’t take a picture with the first team during practices last week, which is his normal approach with a No. 2 quarterback. Smith and Behren Morton shared the shots with the second team, and he said there was a lot to do.

Texas Tech quarterback Donovan Smith (7) looks to pass the ball against Murray State, Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022, at Jones AT&T Stadium.

“Every play we called in the game, Donovan had had multiple reps at those,” Kittley said. “Now they might not have been with him taking the shot of (starting center) Dennis (Wilburn) but he still gets those reps and still understands progressions and running boxes and all that stuff. .”

The similarities between Tech’s top three quarterbacks make Shough’s move to Smith less complicated.

“We’re not going to dramatically change what we do,” Kittley said. “We kind of tailored these guys to be ready for their opportunity, and we told them all… ‘You’re all in for a moment, so you have to be prepared. Unfortunately it happened and Donovan was amazing and very poised and ready for the moment and came in and just came out. So we will not change what we do. “

Technical staff also remain committed to using Morton. The redshirt freshman went 7 of 10 for 97 yards and a touchdown on Saturday, when he came in 56-10 and went the final seven series.

“It’s not going to be a rotation deal,” McGuire said, “but I do believe that smart coaches – and I’m not saying I am; Zach Kittley is – but smart coaches bring their playmakers It’s weird that quarterback is the only position that everyone thinks there should only be one player, when those guys are usually some of your best athletes. are definitely some of our best athletes. I think they proved that on Saturday, and we’re going to continue that way.”

Also on Monday, McGuire said offensive lineman Cole Spencer would sit out the season and be eligible to apply for a medical waiver that would allow him to play in 2023. Spencer underwent knee surgery after last season and , in addition to recovering from that, he also had lower back issues, McGuire said.

Texas Tech quarterback Behren Morton (2) looks to pass the ball against Murray State, Saturday, Sept. 3, 2022, at Jones AT&T Stadium.

Of the many transfers that joined Tech in the offseason, Spencer was the most anticipated, given that he made 44 career starts in Western Kentucky and played last season for Kittley and the coach of the offensive line Stephen Hamby, who were later hired by Tech.

McGuire said this summer he expects Spencer to start at left guard.

“I hate it for him,” Kittley said. “I love him to death. He came with us. Amazing guy. I hate him for him, but if you know Cole, he’ll be back better than ever, and we can’t wait to see him again. next year.”

Conference USA Coaches voted Spencer to the Conference USA First Team in 2021, and Pro Football Focus gave Spencer the highest pass blocking rating in the conference.

college football

Who: Texas Tech vs. Houston

When: 3 p.m. Saturday

Where: Jones AT&T Stadium

Recordings: Houston 1-0, Texas Tech 1-0

Rankings (AP Poll/Coaches): Houston 24/25; Texas Tech unrated

Last match: Houston 37, UT-San Antonio 35 (3OT); Texas Tech 63, Murray State 10

Line: Technology by 3

TV: fox sports 1

Game guarantee: Tech pays Houston $200,000

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