Start of work on the last stage of the upgrade of the radiology department of the RUH


The modernization and replacement works of three RUH scanners have started, the final stage of a project that will make the radiology department one of the most modern and best equipped in the South-West.

Di Pressdee, radiologist team leader for computed tomography and MRI

Two old MRI scanners, used to examine most parts of the body, including bones and joints, are stripped of their powerful magnets and reconstructed on-site with the latest scanning technology.

Each scan room that houses them is being renovated, which includes the replacement of the radio frequency cage that lines the room and a complete redevelopment of their control areas.

A CT scanner – which can produce detailed images of the inside of the body, including organs, blood vessels and bones – is being removed and replaced with the latest model. Its digitization room and control area are also being renovated.

The work, which is currently underway and will continue until February 2020, is the latest part of a five-year £ 7.5million investment program by the Royal United Hospitals Bath NHS Foundation Trust.

This means that the radiology department will have six modern MRI and CT scanners as well as radiography and ultrasound facilities.

The department also has a PET-CT scanner used in the detection and diagnosis of cancer and dementia, which was installed in 2016. There are also larger and improved waiting areas for patients.

Di Pressdee, Radiologist Team Leader for CT and MRI, said: “This job is the last piece of the puzzle for the major upgrade of our service.

“This means that we will have the very latest scanning equipment in a modern and comfortable environment that will allow us to provide the best services and the best hospital experience to our patients. “

Last year, more than 275,000 patients came for imaging in the radiology department, including more than 60,000 for CT scans and MRIs.

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