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Submitted by Alisa Kigar, Scotland County Hospital

Thank you to the County Commissioners of Scotland for the money they distributed to Scotland County Hospital from their American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds. The new mobile x-ray unit was purchased with this money. The price was $94,869. The new Canon brand portable X-ray machine replaced the old machine manufactured in 2004.

Canon’s new portable X-ray machine can help eliminate the transport of patients inside the hospital, as well as limit their movement. In situations involving critically ill or injured patients, transporting them for chest, skeletal, or abdominal x-rays to the radiology department could lead to more complications. Additionally, the ability to do bedside imaging can limit the spread of diseases, such as COVID-19. The portable unit is primarily used in the emergency department and medical/surgical floor. Sometimes he goes to the operating room. “This new machine is really awesome,” said Mike Smith, RT(R), X-Ray Tech at Scotland County Hospital. “It maneuvers so much easier than our old machine. It’s simply more user-friendly than our other machine.

As well as the new portable machine, Scotland County Hospital’s Imaging Center has also installed a new indoor X-ray machine. A room has been renovated to accommodate the new machine and the technology that goes with it. The new machine offers great flexibility that the old machine and room did not have. The new x-ray table features a floating top lift table to meet the needs of patients of all sizes and mobility. The new indoor unit is on lease with Canon. “Any opportunity we have to increase the quality of care we provide is an opportunity we take. Our two new x-ray machines improve the quality of patient care and increase the efficiency and comfort of our staff performing x-rays. The new ability to raise and lower the table, as well as float the table side-to-side, with a foot lever is a real improvement over our old x-ray table,” said Deanna Rowland, RT(R)(M)(CT), Radiology Supervisor.

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