Scholarly POCUS judges impressed with portable models from GE, Philips, EchoUs


Two dozen academic physicians from across the United States with expertise in point-of-care ultrasound recently tested and compared four commercially available handheld POCUS devices.

The exercise took place last December during a two-day in-person POCUS continuing medical education course and is described in a study published July 7 by The Ultrasound Diary [1].

Co-corresponding authors Minh-Phuong “Michelle” Le, MD, Lara Voigt, MD, both of UT Health San Antonio, and colleagues from ER, ICU, hospital, pediatrics, and medicine patients acquired three standard POCUS views on the same three standardized views.

The 24 specialists used the four devices, each scoring on 16 gradable aspects of performance.

No device emerged as #1 in all aspects, although participants agreed that image quality was their most important feature.

The top rated models in the main aspect categories were:

  • Overall ease of use: Vscan Air from GE Healthcare.
  • Overall image quality: Philips Healthcare’s Lumify.
  • General satisfaction: Philips Healthcare’s Lumify.
  • Most likely to be purchased personally and carried in your coat pocket: Vscan Air from GE Healthcare.

Also in the review were Butterfly iQ+ from Butterfly Network and Kosmos from EchoNous, which ranked second for overall image quality.

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