Rodolfo Vieira returns after undergoing MRI tests


Rodolfo Vieria is back in the ring in his UFC Vegas 57 middleweight match against Chris Curtis this past Saturday at the UFC Apex.

‘The black belt fighter’ Vieira assumed he would never fight again after brain tests revealed a devastating diagnosis ahead of a January fight with Wellington Turman, revealing a birth defect in his brain. It took weeks for Vieira to be cleared to continue his MMA career.

“A lot of people asked me if I felt anything, dizziness or fainting or other things,” Vieira told MMA Fighting.

“Nothing happened. I was living my normal life. I did the MRI because it’s been four years since my last one, and I had to do it again,” Vieira continued. saw this deformity, and they were worried. They got a little scared and asked me to take more tests.

Vieira undergoes new tests

Multiple world jiu-jitsu champion Vieira was pulled from Turman’s fight by the UFC after the organization asked him to perform additional testing in Orlando and Anaheim, which “took so long”, Vieira said. As he waits for his health plan to cover expenses, which means another six weeks of waiting for results, he has decided to pay for it all.

“When I left [and got cleared], my manager already called me to ask me when I wanted to fight again, so it was worth it,” Vieira said. “Imagine waiting a month and a half for this result and not knowing what is going on? Not really.”

In the end, Vieira received great news, but he openly admitted that he was planning otherwise.

“I tried to stay positive, but I thought, ‘I’m ready when the worst happens’,” Vieira said. “It was hard for me. I didn’t want to go back to jiu-jitsu because I had to teach. I said, ‘F***, I didn’t want to learn jiu-jitsu now. I’m still in good shape. health at eight or nine to fight and try to build something in MMA. If you had to stop fighting at 32, it would suck.

He then expressed how relieved he was with the outcome.

“It was a great relief; I was very happy for this opportunity that God gave me. He made me go through that too, I don’t know, test my willpower to see if that’s really what I wanted, and I saw how much I wanted to continue in this sport.

Vieira returns

After submitting Dustin Stoltzfus in Las Vegas with a rear-end choke 11 months ago, the Brazilian middleweight returns to the cage for the first time since the fight. In the meantime, Curtis is looking to extend his eight-fight winning streak after beating Phil Hawes and Brendan Allen in his two previous Octagon appearances.

Vieira never stopped working out or training while he waited for his MRI results, saying he didn’t feel anything unusual during the whole process or during his UFC Vegas 57 training camp.

“[UFC] already threw a killer at me,” Vieira laughed. “I said, ‘Man, the UFC wants to test my brain to see if I’m okay? They gave me a dangerous, left-handed knockout artist, and I said, “Cool, let’s do it.” I was scared because of my brain. Instead of giving me a grappler, someone who doesn’t kick their feet so much so we can wrestle, do jiu-jitsu, at least on that first back. But, “No, let’s see if he’s really good.”

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