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BY MELONIE ROBERTS [email protected]

The advantage of buying Braun ambulance units becomes apparent in more ways than one.

Members of the Barry-Lawrence County Ambulance District Board of Directors have been advocating for the purchase of Braun units for several years, citing the safety features of the manufacturer’s solid-body module construction compared to other other brands that simply weld the module skin to an aluminum frame. Now the neighborhood has

Now the district has approved reassembling one of the modules on a 2019 chassis, #418, at a cost of $152,376.

“By having Pinnacle [Emergency Vehicles] do the reassembly, we get a 20-year warranty on the box,” said board member David Compton. “The cost of reassembly is about half the cost of a new ambulance.”

New units proportional to the district fleet can cost between $238,000 and $240,000.

The box will be reassembled on a 2023 Ford F450 4× chassis with a new liquid spring suspension system, an improved roller assembly on the door and the transfer of the dual air horn system, new running board lights, running lights grille, area defense camera system, new fenders around the rear wheel arch openings, new soundproof polyurethane flooring, new heating and air conditioning systems and new gas shock absorbers. The refit includes removing old graphics on the exterior of the module and touching up paint where necessary. Then the unit will be polished to a high shine and a new graphics package will be applied.

The unit is expected to be completed 60-90 days after the chassis arrives.

The board members agreed to go ahead and place the order in an effort to facilitate the delivery time.

Board members also responded to employee requests to attend the EMS Missouri 2022 conference and expo in July, approving the attendance of three speakers. The cost for all three to attend the three-day conference is $1,125, with an additional $1,341 for accommodation. Speakers will attend a variety of breakout sessions during the event, covering clinical, instructor, nursing, critical care, management and more, earning continuing education credits. Some sessions that speakers have expressed interest in attending include medical and regulatory issues, loss of one of our own (duty and off duty), organized chaos (triage for small scale incidents), not for consumption (various illicit drugs in community and appropriate interventions), critically ill resuscitation, millennial workforce management, emergency lifestyle medicine and trauma class by mountain bike.

Employees also applied to attend EMS World Expo 2022, allowing two representatives to attend the three-day conference at a cost of $958 for the event and $1,760 for accommodation, $968 for two round-trip flights to Orlando, Florida, and $47.44 for Uber transportation. at the hotel and return to the airport. The total cost for two people to attend the event is $4,093.84.

The event would also fulfill the continuing education unit requirements for both instructors for the year.

In other cases, council members discussed a request by Monett Police Chief George Daoud that responders draw blood from intoxicated prisoners for analysis and possible legal proceedings.

“I would rather we weren’t the default,” Compton said. “We should be the exception, when they can’t get a sample for other reasons.”

He suggested that the police department send a representative for phlebotomy training and that paramedics assist the department until [police] staff are trained.

“That way the chain of custody is maintained by the police department and our methods or protocols are not challenged by the courts,” he said.

The Ambulance District provides training to various entities allowing local firefighters, police, and other first responders to be certified as emergency medical technicians. However, instructors are increasingly frustrated with students taking two or three classes before dropping out.

“While leaders who send their people to class are held responsible for reimbursement of costs for books, materials, shirts and other expenses if their representative drops out, $350 for in-district students and $700 for out-of-district students .

“The chefs have a good idea of ​​who’s going to complete the course,” Compton said. “I think it’s a good idea for departments to be on the hook for those who drop out prematurely. Then, the bosses are responsible for getting reimbursed by their employee.

The program was set up to get more people certified and trained to respond to emergencies.

“It has a bigger impact and allows the ambulance district to give back to the community,” Compton said.

The district also secured $172,000 in vendor relief funds from the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), through the Department of Health and Human Resources. Board members opted to allow employees to submit a “wish list” of how the funds will be used. Guidelines on the funds say they can be spent on healthcare-related expenses attributable to the coronavirus. This includes ventilators, HVAC systems, improved filtration for infection control, or diagnostic laboratory and radiology equipment. Board members will be updated on the gear wishlist in July.

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