Multi Inc. and Enlitic Partner to Provide Radiologists with AI-Powered Workflow Benefits



October 6, 2022 – Enlitic, a leading healthcare IT company, announced a new partnership with MULTI Inc., a provider of healthcare technologies, genuine parts, equipment and services. Together, the two companies will bring the Enlitic Curie platform to healthcare providers across the United States to help radiology departments drive operational improvements.

As imaging volumes grow and demand for quality patient care grows, hospital leaders are focused on creating more efficient processes while improving revenue opportunities that contribute to better patient outcomes. . The Curie|ENDEX application impacts the workflows of many stakeholders within the radiology department to help achieve these goals.

“Apps like ENDEX help radiologists be more efficient with their reports, free up PACS administrators for higher value work, and create the interoperability backbone for patient data.” said Jim Conyers, CEO of Enlitic. “By normalizing imaging data and unlocking the information stored in medical images, Enlitic solves some of the oldest problems in radiology.”

By implementing Enlitic’s platform at their customer sites, MULTI’s customers will see imaging data properly routed, radiologist satisfaction increase, study backlogs decrease, and an overall increase in productivity. from the radiology department. Enlitic has worked with some of the largest radiology practices in the world and has proven ROI in radiology workflow.

“When we ask our clients what could have a significant impact on improving the quality of work life for healthcare providers, they typically describe operational or workflow inefficiencies.”

“It is clear that ENDEX is a technology that solves specific problems that have always been present in the radiology department. Through our continued engagements, the Enlitic team has demonstrated an alignment of company values ​​and we are proud to widely represent this technology within the healthcare industry. said Dan Moretti, CEO of MULTI.

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