Mercy creates a radiology center for women


Mercy Health Urbana Hospital’s decision to create a women’s radiology center responds to a specific community need, according to Jamie Houseman, president of Mercy Health Urbana Hospital.

“We are continually looking for ways not only to reinvest, but also to adapt to the health needs of our community. Our region needed a more accessible and comprehensive approach to caring for women. Therefore, we have invested to add services and significantly improve our infrastructure, ”she said.

The new Women’s Radiology Center will revolutionize the quality of care provided to women through improved technology, processes and privacy.


The center will house a new DEXA machine, improved mammography and ultrasound units as well as improved spaces for computed tomography, nuclear medicine and x-rays. This technology improves on what was previously offered and allows the Ministry of Health to Mercy to further deliver on its promise of high-quality, high-tech care close to home.

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Women’s radiology departments often require a combination of different procedures that take place in different locations. For example, a comprehensive screening for breast cancer requires screenings, diagnostic tests, and invasive procedures. As part of the current radiology process, these steps are performed in different places and require the patient to change locations often. With the new Women’s Radiology Center, all of these steps can take place under one roof. Eliminating the need to relocate will create a new seamless process within the Women’s Radiology Center that will provide an optimal experience for all patients.


“Women are looking for a place to look for certain imaging tests such as mammograms in a private setting, which we now offer with this extension,” Houseman said.

The new Women’s Radiology Center was designed with patient privacy in mind.

In the second phase of the project, the registrar will also allow patients to interact with registrars while maintaining their confidentiality. In addition to the new waiting room, there is a new entry / exit point for the emergency department and hospital patients who come to the center for tests. In the past, these inpatients interacted with outpatients seated in the waiting room; now they will have appropriate privacy upon arrival at the facility.

The Women’s Radiology Center was made possible through the generosity of the Mercy Memorial Hospital Association, which, with a contribution of $ 600,000, partially funded the first phase and will fully fund the second phase.

“We are fortunate to provide health care in the Urbana community,” adds Houseman. “Our community is what drives our investment, our innovation but above all, our mission. “

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The center will house a new DEXA machine.

The center will house a mammogram.

The center will house modernized ultrasound units.

Information from Mercy Health.

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