Looks like RHP Michael Kopech will be fine


The Chicago White Sox look like a cursed baseball team. They started dealing with the injury bug in early 2021 and it hasn’t stopped since. There have been a lot of injuries this season too and Michael Kopech seemed to be the last.

Kopech landed badly after throw a pitch in the first inning and left the game with knee discomfort. 13 pitches in the start and he was gone because of it. From there, we could only hope he would be fine.

We’re used to seeing the White Sox hand out bad news, but they might actually deliver some good news with this one. After looking gloomy, Kopech will be fine. He was in severe pain but it was worse than it was.

After the match, Tony La Russa said Michael Kopech felt a pop in his knee. It’s never good, but we can just be thankful there was no structural damage according to an MRI. His knee is structurally sound, which is incredible news.

The Chicago White Sox aren’t getting bad news on RHP Michael Kopech.

Tony also confirmed he could start on Sunday. It’s a week away, but we all would’ve signed up for it the first time we saw him come down. He only threw those 13 pitches in this one, so he should be good to go.

Prior to this injury, Kopech was one of the top starting pitchers in Major League Baseball. He is about six innings short of being a qualified Major League starter, but his numbers are among the league leaders.

If he maintains this over a career, he will have multiple Cy Young awards. The sky is the limit for this guy, but he needs to stay healthy. He missed a lot of time before joining the pitching team again in 2021 because of Tommy John, so it would be nice to see him stay healthy.

Of course, the White Sox lost the game because Tony La Russa doesn’t know how to run a bullpen. Obviously, that probably wouldn’t have been a problem if Kopech hadn’t had that little injury, but he did. Either way, the White Sox dodged a bullet here.

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