Longtime AUC professor writes two books in retirement, including poems


LANCASTER — Former longtime Lancaster resident and Atlantic Union College faculty member R. Lynn Sauls published a book last year, a collection of articles originally written for the Adventist Review as well as meditations he composed called “It Seems to Me”, and followed it up with a book of poems.

“I love to write,” said the prolific author who has written other meditations and articles.

Sauls, whose first name is Richard, but he goes by his middle name, was born in 1933 on a peanut farm 30 miles from Plains, Georgia. He lived and taught in various southern locations, including Andrews University in Michigan and his alma mater, Southern Adventist University in Tennessee, before heading north to Lancaster in 1967, where he lived for 17 years with his 67-year-old wife and son and taught English at AUC before becoming head of that department and then academic dean for five years. years.

He has been a member of the College Church of Seventh-day Adventists in Lancaster for years, where his “family and many lifelong friends attend.” Sauls now lives at The Gables senior living in Fitchburg – after periods of retirement in Florida and Tennessee – to be close to his family in Lancaster.

“I’ve made many friends at The Gables and will probably be here just seven miles from my son and daughter-in-law for the rest of my life,” Sauls said.

An excerpt from his first book, Insights into a Variety of Subjects Through Life Vignettes and Spiritual Lessons, according to the description, details why people should be kind.

“We should always be nice out of self-interest, if for no other reason. That kid next door threatening Dennis the Menace might be your boss one day. That nerdy classmate might one day be one your kid’s teachers. That bratty cousin might be closer to you in a few years than any of your other 87 cousins. Beware of road rage. That driver who upset you might Be the oncologist you go to when an MRI shows you have a suspicious growth in your abdomen If we hope to win others to Jesus, we must treat them with kindness.

Second book by R. Lynn Sauls,

His book “Poèmes saisons: de mai à Noël et de january à Easter”, as well as “Il me seems”, is available for purchase on Amazon as well as Barnes & Noble. It was written for family and friends and includes a foreword by Delmer Davis, professor emeritus of English at Andrews University, where Sauls taught a poetry course.

“The poems combine specific and striking imagery of nature and human experience with the rhythm of Christ’s life, birth, death and resurrection, emphasizing how essential these events are to our own need ongoing spiritual hope and renewal,” the description states, with Sauls adding that it includes “a number of poems I had written over the years…and poems I have recently written.”

“The book has been well received by family, alumni and current friends of the Gables,” Sauls said.

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