Kailo Medical integrates with Densitas by transferring AI output directly to the radiologist’s report


CALGARY, Alta., June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Kailo Medical today announced a new integration with Densitas. This integration will support compliance with breast density reporting guidelines while simultaneously optimizing radiologist reading workflows. KailoHub transferring the Densitas breast density measurement into the radiologist’s report brings standardized results to the referring physician and supports conversations with patients based on reliable and repeatable information.

“Kailo and Densitas have many synergies: empowering our customers to achieve standardization, improved measurement and accurate data. KailoHub brings the objectivity of Densitas breast density measurement directly to the referring physician, ensuring reliable patient care,” says Jessica Wilsonvice president of North America at Kailo Medical. “We are thrilled to share that together we are working to create better outcomes for everyone in medical imaging.”

“We are excited about the opportunity to partner with Kailo to provide seamless integration of our density results into KailoHub,” says Alexandra Baden, director of global sales and operations at Densitas. “This supports the optimization of radiologist reading workflows for our joint customers.”

Benefits of this new integration include.

  • KailoHub transfers the Densitas density output directly into the radiologist’s report.
  • Standardizes captured measurements.
  • Reduces radiologist dictation time by eliminating breast density score dictation.
  • Increases the accuracy of the report.

About Kailo Medical: In 2011, Robert Newman and Bernard Ducher founded Kailo Medical in Melbourne, Australia. Since then, the company has grown rapidly, with its software being deployed in public and private sectors around the world. Kailo’s product line solves challenges, inspires confidence, saves time and standardizes practices. Primarily, our healthcare interoperability broker KailoHub, integrates disparate systems across the medical imaging enterprise; leading to more accurate reporting, more efficient processes, and a more progressive way of caring for you. With offices at melbourne and Calgary, Kailo Medical is ready to help you resolve any issues you may encounter with your current imaging workflow. If you would like more information about Kailo Medical products or services, please visit www.kailomedical.com

About Densitas: Densitas® is a global leader in artificial intelligence solutions for breast cancer screening, focused on quality, safety, efficiency and accuracy in breast health. Our products equip mammography facilities with solutions to improve mammography quality, operational efficiency, clinical care team burnout, compliance with MQSA EQUIP and breast density legislation, assessment rapid assessment of patient-specific risks and tailor-made radiology technologist training protocols. Densitas® solutions align with value-based care delivery models by providing standardized metrics and quantitative performance indicators delivered through a continuous quality assurance platform powered by advanced AI analytics to cost-effectively manage the delivery of care.

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