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As the commercial aircraft market rebounds, the leading manufacturer of high-precision alloy engineered components, Doncasterannounced investments totaling $12.9 million in Doncasters Castings of Groton (Connecticut) and Doncasters Precision Castings – Deritend (UK).

With commercial airline post-covid orders higher than expected, Doncasters is doubling capacity at its US operations in Connecticut and more than doubling production of hull lines at its UK site in Droitwich. This follows closely on the heels of the announcement of the acquisition of Uni-Pol by Doncasters, which has increased its annual turnover to over $500 million.

This is particularly good news for an industry still struggling, as evidenced by Boeing and Airbus in their recent financial reports.

Mike Quinn, CEO of Doncasters, said: “When CEOs like Dave Calhoun and Guillaume Faury repeatedly talk about supply chain tensions and a lack of stability, we listen and we act. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver, and these significant investments in two of our fourteen global manufacturing sites will help alleviate some of the constraints faced by our customers.

“All signs show the aviation industry is recovering, with many predicting the industry will be back to 2019 numbers by mid-2023. One of the headwinds holding back the recovery is the lack of stability in Component delivery At Doncasters, we make sure to meet this demand, providing a predictable and consistent service to OEMs.

With these investments, Doncasters, established in 1778, will build on its recent successes in the aerospace sector, as well as their IGT and automotive businesses. Both new lines of robot shells from Doncasters Precision Castings – Deritend will ship in early 2023, doubling yields and efficiency.

The significant investment of Doncasters castings de Groton will involve building an extension to their current manufacturing plant to house three robotic hull coating cells and two final drying systems. The line will go into production in 2023.

Doncasters works with AV technology to deliver both upgrades.

Doncasters Structural Castings of Groton’s state-of-the-art ceramic shell system will support large diameter lost wax cast structural castings. This 17,000 feet2 The two-story addition to the existing manufacturing footprint is expected to enter full-scale production within two years of groundbreaking.

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