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X-ray baggage scanning in hotels

January 09, 2022

x-ray baggage scanner for hotels

In the 1980s, the big threat was hijacking. Now it has moved to public places and hotel bombings. X-ray scanning of luggage in hotels makes it safer and more secure. And now you can scan baggage, parcels and incoming mail with the same machine.

Bombs and other threats can be roughly divided into two types. Real and hoax. Unfortunately, both cause the same high level of disruption for customers and staff. A hoax should be treated as a real threat until you can unmask it.

X-ray technology has advanced considerably and our X-ray baggage scanner in hotel equipment has the ability to differentiate between different materials. Most explosives, for example, are organic, but guns and knives are metallic. Our equipment also helps identify “white powder” threats.

Material discrimination

3DX-ray material discrimination gives hotels and other users the ability to distinguish between organic materials, metals and inorganic substances. This ability provides a convenient way to highlight real explosives and helps differentiate them from hoaxes.

Many professional explosives fall into this category, as do water, wood, paper, food, and flammable liquids. Our equipment showcases them at Orange

Homemade explosives, aluminum, salts, chlorates, black powder, aluminum powder, calcium nitrate, clays and putty are shown in green

Metal pipe bombs, guns, ammunition, knives, nails, ball bearings, steel, iron and copper are colored blue by the system

Our x-ray baggage scanning in hotel systems shows both internal details as well as the nature of the materials. Usually professional explosives, chemicals and drugs are colored orange, blue means items are made from metals. These include components of IEDs, firearms and knives. Homemade explosives are generally inorganic and appear in green.

X-ray scan for threats in hotel luggage

Bombers, terrorists and criminals try to hide dangerous elements by tricking x-ray systems and agents to ignore them. A typical way to do this is to hide them behind or inside thick, dense metal blocks. To overcome this, our “Probe” feature virtually removes dense layers of blockade allowing an operator to identify the threats behind them. We classify the organic and inorganic materials behind a block based on the material’s average effective atomic number (Zeff). This is different from the organic, inorganic, and metallic imaging buttons standard on other cabinet or tunnel x-ray equipment.

Terrorist attacks pose a serious threat around the world. The bombing of hotels is a global problem. So does the increase in hoaxes. Terrorists and disgruntled individuals view hotels and restaurants as “soft” targets with the potential for mass deaths and casualties. The solution is X-ray baggage scanning in hotels.

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