How virtual reality is used outside of the gaming world



Cleveland institutions are at the forefront of integrating virtual reality into education, medicine, and the way we interact with the world. By Becky Boban

Virtual reality is not only for gamers zest to squash zombies. Dr. Jay Alberts, vice president of innovation at the Cleveland Clinic Neurological Institute, leads research in virtual reality to improve the prognosis, treatment and detection of neurological diseases.

Using Microsoft HoloLens and Infinadeck’s omnidirectional treadmill to simulate everyday tasks like grocery shopping to record motor and cognitive data, the clinic is bringing technology to medicine.

Since 2014, Case Western Reserve University has been reinventing the classroom with HoloLens. Schools as reputable as the University of Oxford in England and those in Poland have adopted programs including Holo-Anatomy Software Suite, a mixed reality application built by Interactive Commons at CWRU. Reports reveal that students learn concepts twice as fast as they would with 2D models and perform as well as traditional cadaver-based lab students.

“We took one of the oldest courses you could imagine, human anatomy, and in about five years we went from hundreds of years of history to teaching this new way,” says Dr. Mark Griswold, a Pavey family teacher. of Radiology and Head of Faculty at CWRU.

And it’s not just medicine. The Cleveland Museum of Art has partnered with Interactive Commons to launch the most immersive mixed reality exhibit yet for any museum, Revealing Krishna: Journey to the Sacred Mountain of Cambodia.

Last fall, 22,000 visitors attached HoloLens to interact with art like never before. Jane Alexander, head of digital information at the Cleveland Museum of Art, says Reveal Krishna generated the highest approval rating in the museum’s history.

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