Google Cloud launches an ambitious branch dedicated to medical imaging



A Big Four tech company has launched a platform it hopes will accelerate data interoperability and the adoption of AI in, specifically, medical imaging.

Alphabet’s Google unveiled the platform, Google Cloud Medical Imaging Suite, on October 4. In the process, the company announced plans to open up AI-based medical imaging to broad swathes of patients and, in doing so, ease the workload of radiologists.

Pointing out that nearly 90% of all health data is imaging data, Google Cloud suggests that image interpretation has been more dependent on humans than it should be in the age of analytics big data.

“Google pioneered the use of artificial intelligence and computer vision in Google Photos, Google Image Search and Google Lens, and we are now making our expertise, tools and imaging technologies available healthcare and life sciences companies,” said Google Cloud medtech strategist. Alissa Hsu Lynch in the ad. “Our medical imaging suite shows what’s possible when technology and healthcare companies come together.”

To this end, Google Cloud partners with many technology providers to advance the medical imaging operation.

For example, it works with NetApp and Change Healthcare on cloud image exchange, Nvidia and Monai on automated image labeling, and at least five companies on large-scale system deployment: CitiusTech, Deloitte, Omnigen, Slalom and Quantiphi.

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