Did fortified drinks cost Sharon and Ashwin their lives?



Thiruvananthapuram: Two lives were lost in Thiruvananthapuram district after consuming fortified beverages. The dead include a young man and a schoolboy who took drinks offered by an acquaintance and a stranger, respectively.

Although the two incidents took place in two different locations over the past few days, the eerie and incredulous similarities between the two deaths have baffled law enforcement and the public. Doctors found that both deaths were due to toxic substances.

Sharon Raj, a resident of Parassala, fell ill and died after drinking the drink offered by her friend. He died last Tuesday after being hospitalized for several days. His internal organs reportedly stopped working after drinking an Ayurvedic decoction followed by the juice, both given by the young woman who was said to be very close to him.

Sharon’s relatives claim the girl’s family killed him by poisoning his drink.

The schoolboy, Ashwin, died a few days ago in Kaliyikkavila in the Kanyakumari district of the state of Tamil Nadu after drinking a juice offered by a senior student while waiting for a bus after his school.

Kaliyikkavila and Parassala are nearby, but across the interstate border.

Tamil Nadu Special Branch Police are investigating Ashwin’s death, while Sharon Raj’s death is being questioned by Parassala Police in Kerala.

The case of Sharon Raj

Sharon Raj was a final year undergraduate radiology student at a private college in Neyyoor in Kanyakumari district. Sharon met the girl, from her hometown, on a bus trip. This acquaintance turned into a love affair.

Sharon’s family say the two have been in love for a year now. The young girl had helped him write registers for his course.

Meanwhile, the girl’s family was against their relationship. The girl had started to drift away from Sharon after her parents threatened to kill herself if she married him. However, they became close again and used to chat on WhatsApp without his family knowing.

The fateful day

Sharon and her friend Rejin reached the girl’s house in Ramanchira on the morning of October 14. Sharon who asked Rejin to wait outside entered alone. After a while, he came out vomiting. His friend then took him home. The next day, there were burns in Sharon’s mouth.
As he became very weak after vomiting, he was admitted to the local hospital.
Last days

After initial treatment at Parassala General Hospital, Sharon was transferred to Thirivanananthapuram Medical College Hospital.

Sharon had burns in her mouth extending down her throat, her relatives said, as reported by doctors.

When he coughed, he spit up pieces of tissue. Initially, his kidneys and later his liver were not working. However, doctors informed that he died of a lung infection and poison entered his body.|
In accordance with police instructions, Sharon’s statement was recorded by the magistrate.

He told the magistrate that he drank the rest of what the girl drank. However, he clarified that he did not see her drinking the kashayam in front of him.

Relatives said she gave it away saying it was the rest of what she drank.

In her statement, Sharon also said the girl gave her juice afterwards.

Police intervention

Sharon’s family approached police and filed a complaint on October 27, seeking to unravel the mystery of her death.
Later, the police recorded the girl’s statement.

Police say his statement is vague and the investigation team have started gathering more information about it. The investigation would only go further after obtaining the autopsy report.
Autopsy report expected

There would be more clarity on what exactly caused Sharon’s death after the post-mortem report was received.

“We have not yet received the autopsy report. The body parts have been sent to a laboratory for forensic examination. The police have reported that numerous allegations are being raised, but the investigation will only continue on the basis of scientific evidence,” said Neyyattinkara Deputy Deputy Divisional Police Commissioner.
Thiruvananthapuram (Rural) Superintendent of Police said the investigation is ongoing and there are some doubts as to his death.

The Parassala circle inspector did not answer.
Young man’s family alleges conspiracy

Sharon’s family have alleged that her murder was plotted and carried out by the girl’s parents.

Talk to Manorama NewsSharon’s father Jayaraj said the girl’s parents are involved in her death.
Sharon had been close to this girl for over a year now. He had told us that the girl’s family did not appreciate their relationship at all, he added.

Jayaraj alleged that although they complained to the Parassala police, the cops are not keen on conducting a fair investigation. He also indicated that the Chief Minister and the DGP would be approached.

WhatsApp chats, sound clips surface

After Sharon’s death, her family accessed and published her WhatsApp chats and the girl’s conversations with her friends. The girl is heard saying in a voice clip that she gave Sharon the same kashayam she drank. She said she had the kashayam that morning too and offered it to him when he asked if it was bitter.

The girl says it was the last day to drink kashayam and she offered him what was left after drinking it. The girl tells Sharon’s friend that she is sure Sharon was not poisoned in her home.

In WhatsApp chats between the girl and Sharon, before her death, Sharon asks the girl about kashayam. Screenshots of this chat are also making the rounds on social media. She is heard saying that she didn’t think he would vomit and apologizes to him.

When Sharon says her vomit was green in color, the girl responds by saying it could be because the drug was that color. Sharon also says he is not well at all and asks him the name of this medicine. She says it was done and she will say the name after asking (those at home).

In the audio clip, he is heard asking her to call the place where she bought the kashayam and she replied that she would.

She observes that the juice Sharon had after having kashayam probably caused the problem.

The rickshaw driver who dropped my mum off was offered the same juice and he also had the same problem after drinking, the daughter says.

In a message sent by the girl to Sharon’s friend, she stressed that her family believed that she was no longer in a relationship with him and therefore would not harm him.

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