Batman is a better romantic partner than Superman for a scary reason



Unfortunately for Lois Lane, it seems that Batman is a much more preferable love partner than Superman. Harley Quinn’s brief stint as a romance columnist perhaps exposed the Man of Steel’s most troubling flaw when it came to her love life.

Debating the merits of Batman and Superman is an argument that dates back to the golden age of comics. In one corner is Bruce Wayne, the world’s greatest detective who fights crime with nothing but gadgets and a quick wit. And in the other is the alien protector with the wide fan powers, clark kent. The pair of heroes have been compared endlessly in terms of skill, leadership, fighting ability, or just plain likability. As two of the DCU’s most popular heroes, Batman and Superman will always be judged next to each other to see who comes out on top.


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And sadly, it looks like Harley Quinn has made up her mind about which capped hero is ultimately the best romantic partner. In Harley Quinn #15 by Karl Kesel and Terry Dodson, Harley temporarily relocated to Metropolis to escape the heat of the Bat-Family in Gotham. After getting a job at the Daily Planet, Harley writes the newspaper’s new love advice column under her new identity, Holly Chance. The “Chance @ Love” column allows Harley to do what she does best: give questionable love advice to the heartbroken. An email from a hopeless romantic mentions that they are obsessed with Superman and desperately asks how they might meet him. Harley, of course, offers the worst possible advice, like jumping off a building, but also advises sticking to someone a bit more.”street level“. According to Harley, dating someone who can see through clothes is not very romantic.

By “street level”, Harley probably refers to Batman, one of the more notable heroes who operates without powers and largely takes on more grounded villains. The jury may be out if Harley herself sees Batman as an alluring romantic partner, but she definitely sees him as a more compatible partner with others than Superman. As Harley points out, someone with invasive powers like Metropolis’ favorite hero could potentially use their powers to less than admirable ends.

Superman may be known as Big Blue Boy Scout, but when it comes to the dating scene, his abilities might make a lot of people uncomfortable. Powerful senses like improved hearing, X-ray vision, or simply being able to follow people easily is the kind of thing that’s useful for fighting bad guys, but looks scary for potential matches. Of course, Superman would hardly use his gifts for such evil purposes, but just because he said that does not mean that others would easily believe him. Batman, on the other hand, doesn’t have any powers he could abuse at a moment’s notice, a much more appealing prospect for any date. This is a good thing Superman found Lois, because Harley could have largely destroyed her reputation for raising from batman.

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