AI and entertainment are changing primary education. Can the training of radiologists be far behind?


If you want to know how radiologists will learn their trade in 10-20 years, take a look at how many school children are learning their subjects in the 2022-23 school year.

Driven by technology, altered by the COVID pandemic, and locally refined by changing demographics, children’s education is transforming into a personalized, direct-to-consumer or direct-to-learner industry.

Meanwhile, today’s schoolchildren are tomorrow’s healthcare consumers.

To keep pace, radiology must accept that instructing trainees at workstations “may never again be a standard way for radiology assistants to teach.”

All of this comes from the mind of a pioneer in contemporary education, Steven Wolfe Pereirawho co-founded the company behind the popular ‘story-teaching’ app Encantos.

Pereira lays out his vision in a brief reflective article published in the September edition of JACR [1]. Its co-authors are Johns Hopkins radiologists Elliot Fishman, MDand Steven Rowe, MD, Ph.D..

Along the way, the authors make compelling predictions about the shape education will soon take. Tying together their predictions is a cord of three strands: AI, digital connectivity and, yes, entertainment.

Here are some examples.

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