AGFA HealthCare’s new president shares “It’s life in motion.”



When prioritizing new solutions and features, the company also strives to understand customers’ current trade-offs between business and clinical needs. Both, McCaughley notes, are essential for supporting healthy ecosystems that help clinicians and health systems thrive. Customer feedback helps AGFA use a shared vision by improving flow and embracing complexity, and fulfill the role of forward-thinking, technology-savvy partner for customers in all imaging departments.

“Everyone has cost constraints today, and clinical staffing shortages are a pervasive problem that we see everywhere,” she notes. “So we operate at the intersection of technology and people, looking for ways to help our customers operate at the pace that works best for them, while meeting that constant need for faster, more accurate and consistent diagnostics. .”

Ultimately, McCaughley’s goal for AGFA is to be a listener, doer and problem solver.

“We take a humble approach,” as she says, “getting closer to our customers and really helping them achieve their goals rather than just trying to sell technology. Our mission is to support our customers. It’s about facilitating human workflow, not just delivering technology. »

Continuous commitment to quality solutions and prompt problem resolution

McCaughley is the first to point out that pushing the pace can be tough. Integrating imaging software is a complex process with many variables. it touches everything from business to operations, patient flow, what technologists, radiologists, clinicians do.

“It’s our responsibility to have the right processes internally to test our releases with different types of customers and different types of environments,” as McCaughley says.

Specifically, the company works with a core core of high-profile customers with large networks, advanced workflows, and complex demands to test its new products before feature releases.

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