Agfa and Mondial partner to improve primary healthcare


The Belgian group Agfa has partnered with Mondial Medical Technologies to expand its medical imaging market in the Philippines.

Under this partnership, MMT will be the distributor of Agfa’s digital radiography products in the Philippines. Introduced as a new force in mobile direct radiology, the DR100s extends its patient-centric benefits to Philippine hospitals and clinics.

The DR100s is a flexible and efficient mobile digital radiology system. It features excellent DR image quality that enables “right first time” imaging at low radiation dose, enabling faster workflow in the department, better patient care and better diagnosis.

“The total DR business in the Philippines is estimated at $1.2 billion, and that includes mobile, floor-mounted, ceiling-mounted X-rays, DR retrofits and digital RF,” said Edison Laserna, head of of Agfa Healthcare’s national business development for the Philippines.

“Our Agfa team, in conjunction with Mondial, will be touring the Philippines to show the product to our customers,” Laserna said.

Arlene Navarro, Director of Sales, MMT, said, “The Mobile D100s will be offered to private and public hospitals in all regions of the country to provide our radiologists and technicians with the highest quality imaging, enabling diagnosis and treatment faster.

MMT Managing Director Angel Yrastorza is “very confident with the Agfa Mobile DR100s, as the first product for the rest of AGFA’s healthcare portfolio.”

“Its technology is above the rest of the competition that Mondial is looking for in all of its offerings, as we aim to be at the forefront of the industry,” he said.

The machine is very mobile and can be maneuvered even in small spaces thanks to its Zero Force technology. Its agility allows staff members to easily perform imaging, at the bedside, in wards, in intensive care and in operating rooms. Equipped with Agfa’s industry-leading Musica intelligent image processing technology, it delivers the best image quality while using the lowest possible radiation dose to the patient.

MFT Group Managing Director Mica Tan, the holding company of Mondial Medical Technologies, sees substantial potential in the launch.

“Our knowledge of the market points to great opportunities in the medical imaging industry given the country’s growing population and growing demand for medical imaging services. We are confident that this partnership with Agfa will provide better diagnosis which will ultimately lead to better decision making by our physicians and thus improve the patient experience,” said Tan.

Having serviced and supplied 500 hospitals and institutions across the Philippines, Mondial Medical Technologies anticipates a positive customer experience of the DR100s and how this versatile and agile machine can simplify the demands of hospital staff and patients alike.

“Our experts were very impressed with it, and that’s the kind of innovation we’d like to see more of here in the local setting. This is just the beginning,” Tan said.

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