A new generation of Mr Diagnostics incubator system

LMT presents an innovation in pediatric radiology

In November 2018, LMT Medical Systems GmbH will present the new MR Diagnostics incubator system nomag® IC ADVANCED: it will first be presented at Medica, the world’s leading medical trade fair, in Düsseldorf from November 12 to 15, then at RSNA 2018, the premier annual conference in the field of radiology hosted by the Radiological Society of North America, in Chicago November 25-30. The successor model of the diagnostic device for pediatric radiology with which LMT Medical Systems GmbH created for the first time the possibility of examining newborns and premature babies in a magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanner in Pediatric Intensive Care Units 15 years ago offers improved functionality for both infant patients and medical staff.

Considerate and cautious: MRI examination of newborns and premature babies

“This next generation represents a logical evolution of our MR Diagnostics incubator system,” says Torsten Lönneker-Lammers, Managing Director of LMT Medical Systems GmbH (LMT). “Until now, it was mainly suitable for premature babies, who require the special protection of an incubator and who can be slid directly into the MRI scanner thanks to our system.” Each MR Diagnostics incubator system from LMT enables non-invasive examination, for example in case of suspected heart, lung or brain disorders. “In neonatology, the requirements for diagnostic options regarding the MRI examination of newborns are generally becoming more stringent. For this reason, the new MR Diagnostics nomag® IC ADVANCED incubator system has a wider tilting surface, for example, also allowing larger infants to be examined directly in the MRI scanner,” continues Torsten Lönneker-Lammers. .

However, this is not the only innovation. The developers of the LMT have applied their extensive experience and know-how in the fields of neonatology and pediatric radiology, for example to better protect small patients against noise in the MRI scanner. LMT also reviewed requests from hospitals for continued development. Patient access has been made easier and the workflow during the MRI examination has been optimized. In addition, the overall weight of the new nomag IC ADVANCED has been significantly reduced to allow better handling when positioning on the tilting surface of the MRI scanner, while its modular structure facilitates cleaning.

Suitable for infants: neonatology and pediatric radiology

Temperature and humidity control of the incubator taking into account the infant’s age and medical requirements is also one of the standard features of the MR Diagnostics nomag® IC ADVANCED incubator system. The need for sedation in the system is low, so full anesthesia in infants can be avoided. Adapted high frequency head and body coils provide fast and safe diagnostic options during which the neonate or premature baby is not exposed to radiation.

Ongoing orders, delivery worldwide

The new MR Diagnostics nomag® IC ADVANCED incubator system is compatible with MR systems from leading manufacturers. It is marketed worldwide and can be ordered now!
The following accessories are available:

  • 16K multi-channel head coil for 1.5/3.0T
  • 8K multi-channel head coil for 1.5/3.0T
  • Multi-channel body coil for 1.5 /3.0 T
  • MRI compatible extraction system

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